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Here is a sample of a few projects I've worked on.

Assessing Health Disparities

The project identifies health needs and disparities faced by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Illinois. Based on online surveys and interviews with a wide variety of stakeholders, the research identified language barriers, the cost of prescription drugs, income and lack of insurance as the key barriers to accessing adequate health services. Policy recommendations included access to comprehensive insurance coverage, increasing the number of bilingual healthcare providers and the collection of dis-aggregated data.

Devon revit saapri.jpg
Neighborhood Development Plan

The overall goal of the project was to create a strategic community development plan for a community where people can enjoy the diversity of their neighborhood and live with comfort and security. The project undertook to conduct a series of conversations and focus groups with key
stakeholders in the community to understand the needs, prioritize areas of change and growth, and develop a “Smart Growth” plan based on community consensus.

board training_edited.jpg
Board Training

This customized training offers boards simple tools and techniques for fundraising and engages them to fully step into their roles and responsibilities. 

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