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K Sujata

 The world is changing rapidly around us causing unimaginable stresses to individuals and families. Nonprofits have been hit in multiple directions. Those offering basic human services are overwhelmed while those who offer succor for the soul such as arts organizations are facing closures. Many leaders of these organizations are considering their role and place, stepping down to re-examine their lives or stepping away altogether.

This is an environment in which Sujata thrives. She brings nearly two decades of experience in executive roles at nonprofits where she has implemented organizational systems and processes, increase staff retention and improve donor relations. All of this work was conducted with a lens of gender and racial equity.

She is methodical, purposeful and strategic. She works quickly to assess the needs of the organization, build trusting relationships with staff and board, develop and implement strategies that will position the organization for its permanent leadership.  

She has served in leadership positions on local and national boards. She holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University and an MBA from the Stuart School at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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